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We embrace our responsibility of protecting the unique environment of the areas in which we operate. Being a temporary user of the land, we know that we have been given an important opportunity to carefully extract coal resources for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our objective is to effectively manage our mining activities within the conditions of our permits to reduce the impact to the environment. We then will repair, reshape and revegetate to provide a resilient ecosystem following completion of mining activities. Options for new land uses are embraced and actively encouraged.

Our employees and contractors are expected to minimise their footprint in everything they do. Work ethic; compliance beyond standard; understanding of consequences; simple, practical and robust systems will enable positive and rapid return for future land uses and next generational users.

Protecting the unique environment of the areas in which we operate is important to TerraCom.

We understand that exploration activities and mining  have some impact on the natural environment.  We work hard to build landowner and community partnerships to better understand potential local environmental concerns.

Our commitment is to minimise the impacts, rehabilitate areas disturbed during our operations and preserve or restore the long-term health and sustainability of the environment where we operate.

All exploration and mining operations are very closely regulated and monitored by Government agencies. A major Environmental Assessment is required before any approval is granted to commence a mining operation. Each site is carefully managed in accordance with a range of environmental management and monitoring plans.

You can also view TerraCom’s Environment Policy.